Lunatics-hyper-deflationary token

Dedicated to rewarding holders in Luna Classic,  burning the supply of Luna Classic and creating a Classic Lunatics range of NFTS.

Lunatics token has become the largest burning mechanism of Terra Luna Classic within 9 days from Launch!  Currently Lunatics token has burnt 2 Billion #LUNC and we are only just getting started.


Lunatics is an obscure, totally unique project that is hyper-deflationary and is designed to both Reward Lunatics holders in Luna Classic and Burn the supply of Terra Luna Classic. 

Lunatics project will be having a Fair Launch Presale through Pinksale and will be launching on the Binance Smart Chain within 24 hours from the conclusion on the Presale. 

We are a Community of Lunatics Dedicating our project to burning the supply of Luna Classic.
Since Our main focus is reducing the supply of Luna Classic, all of our utilities will assist with those burns. Our contract automatically burns Luna Classic. Plus more to come in the future

From the beginning, we wanted to bring a project together, to not only BURN Luna Classic, but to also reward our holders WITH Luna Classic. What you decide to do with your rewards, is up to each individual. You can keep it, sell it, or our personal favourite, send it to the burn wallet, to help further burn even more Luna Classic!!

The contract will buy Luna Classic Tokens and send to the designated Burn Wallet on every buy/sell. These Luna Classic Tokens will be in a multisig wallet for added security. We will send the Luna Classic Tokens to the Terra Luna Classic Dead Wallet and burn those tokens Live on Twitter and YouTube.

For investor security

Liquidity is initially locked for 1 year
Multisig Marketing wallet
Rug-Free Contract
Audit by ContractChecker

Lunatics project has an automatic burn feature and how it operates and the benefits of automatic burn on every transaction is explained below.

Our Lunatics Team are engaging in marketing services from Brother Marketing.

Luna Classic Burn-Token

Taxes (Buy)

Buy 13%

0 %
Luna Classic Token Rewards
0 %
Marketing & development
0 %
0 %
Buyback & burn lunacburn
0 %
dev tax

Sell 13%

0 %
Luna Classic Token Rewards
0 %
Marketing & development
0 %
0 %
Buyback & burn lunacburn
0 %
Dev tax
Luna Classic Burn-Token

Taxes (Sell)


10% Taxes (Buy & Sell)

2% Luna Classic Burn Wallet

2% will be sent to Burn Wallet on every buy/sell, this will be fully transparent in a designated wallet for burning of Luna Classic and have a multisig wallet.

1% Liquidity

2% Marketing on every buy/sell

These funds will automatically distributed into a designated wallet for full transparency and be a multisig wallet.

1% Automatic Burn

There will be an automatic burn of Lunatics on every buy/sell making Lunatics hyper-deflationary as this will reduce our supply on every transaction. 

4% Luna Classic Rewards

These will be distributed automatically to all holders of Lunatics on every buy/sell. Lunatics must be holding a minimum of 500 thousand tokens of Lunatics to earn Rewards.

1% Contract Developer Tax

to Doc Crypto on every buy/sell

These are the true taxes being paid out by our contract. We are having a small glitch that we hope to have a fix to shortly, and understand it does not correlate to what is shown on BSC. But all figures can be fact checked on Bitquery

Check Here

Token name- Lunatics
Token Symbol- LunaT

100 Billion Token Supply

Private Sale – 20% supply-20 Billion tokens
Liquidity – 17% supply-17 Billion tokens
Exchanges and Staking locked -18% supply- 18 Billion tokens
Sent to Dead Wallet- 10% supply- 10 Billion tokens
Presale/Fair Launch-35% supply- 35 Billion tokens

Private Sale Will Be Vested Over 9 Weeks

10% of tokens at launch          
10% of tokens after 7 days     
10% of tokens after 14 days   
10% of tokens after 21 days   
10% of tokens after 28 days  
10% of tokens after 35 days  
10% of tokens after 42 days  
10% of tokens after 49 days  
10% of tokens after 56 days  
10% of tokens after 63 days  

After the incredible response to our presale, private holders have decided that for investor confidence, vesting amounts, as well as time, will change.

Decision has been made that on launch, 10% will be released to them, instead of 20%.

Over the next 9 weeks , 10% will be released weekly (7 days). We feel that with the smaller percentage being released, over an extended period of time, we can increase the confidence of investors, thus ensuring they won’t be “dumped on” by anyone holding from private sale.

We hope this helps build trust and show the commitment of our team and private holders to the project!

Thank you for giving your trust to us, and our project, Lunatics Token!

All Private Sale Tokens will be locked at launch and our DEV Krakovia has made the contract so it automatically releases the Private Sale tokens on the timeframe specified below.

Private will receive their first airdrop allocation 7 days after launch. 29th July 2022. 

Private Sale holders will have 10% of their remaining tokens automatically released every 14 days by the contract. 

All remaining Private Sale Lunatics tokens stay locked, with the contract releasing ensuing token drops of 10% every 14 days until Private Sale holders have received their last automatically generated airdrop of tokens on December 3rd 2022. 


Private Sale holders can only sell on upward trending chart, on the 2nd green candle on the 2 hour Chart.

Maximum sell per day is 25 million tokens. (less than 1BNB on presale)


1st offence: Private Sale holders next 10% allocation will be burnt.

2nd offence: Private Sale holders remaining allocations due will be burnt. (Private investor will lose their whole bag.)

Lunatics NFTS

We are all absolute Lunatics and we will have a crazy range of NFTS that will be designed with over 40 unique traits, along with different rarities that will be developed in Phase 2 on our Roadmap.

10% of the supply will be allocated to the Dead Wallet

We are allocating 10% of the supply of Lunatics to the dead wallet. The dead wallet makes Lunatics one of the holders enabling the 2% rewards of Luna Classic to go directly to the Burn Wallet and since it’s a dead wallet it will burn those Luna Classic tokens which will be gone forever.

This is how the contract auto-burns Luna Classic, combined with voluntary community burns it reduces the supply of Luna Classic which is our ultimate goal.

Lunatics Taxes Explanation

Luna Classic token Rewards

With 2% Luna Classic token rewards on every transaction going back to holders for passive income.

About the Liquidity

There will be 2% on every buy/sell that goes to the liquidity pool which will maintain a strong price floor for all Lunatics. 

Automatic Burn of Lunatics

On every transaction 1% of Lunatics tokens will be purchased by the contract and automatically burnt. Therefore there will always be contract buys combined with the supply being continuously reduced, making Lunatics a hyper-deflationary token.



Phase 1

✅ Private Sale
✅ Website development
✅ Social Media set up: Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Telegram
✅ Twitter Luna Classic Raids
✅ Influencers - Duncan Gray
✅ Fair Launch Presale
✅ White Paper
✅ Audit completed by ContractChecker

Phase 2

✅ Stealth Launch on Binance Smart Chain
✅ Listed on CMC
✅ 2,000 NFTS with unique traits and characteristics (development has commenced)
✅ Lunatics Staking pool/BNB for added Liquidity (development has commenced)
✅ Multi National Telegram Commuties
✅ Asia Marketing
✅ Trust Wallet Logo

Phase 3

- Asia Marketing
✅ CEX Listing
- Bridging to other Blockchains
- Start development of Lunatics Play To Earn game.
- NFT Staking
- NFT Market Place

Phase 4

- Complete Play to Earn Game

The Core Team


Lunatics Token Contract Developer

17 Dawg

Front-End Dev


Marketing / Business Development


Marketing / Business Development


Strategic Advisor / Marketing and Development


Owner / Customer Relations

Crypto Rich

Social Media / Customer Relations


Graphic Designer

Diamond Hands

Social Media / Crowd Control


Social Media / Crowd Control

Duncan Gray

Core Team / Marketing

Lunatics is a hyper-deflationary token Stealth Launching on the Binance Smart Chain

Contact us here by email:

Our Burn Wallet

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