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Revolutionary Multi-Chain Defi Ecosystem! With Luna Classic Rewards!
Lunatics Token is a community-driven project. With a focus on transparency, honesty, and consistency.
2,156,010,010 - LUNC Burned
What is Lunatics?

Lunatics Token (LunaT) is designed to be a Hyper-Deflationary ecosystem,while bringing passive income back to its investors.

Security IconFor Investor Security
Liquidity is burnt
Rug-Free Contract
Audit by ContractChecker
The Metaverse: Exodus
Lunatics has partnered up with what will surely be the best and greatest, Exodus: Our Universe. An incredible, new and exciting metaverse. Along with our partnership, we will have an entire island in Exodus. Our island will be known as Lunatics Island which will include a 4 square kilometre city. Along with the city, there will be 4900 plots to choose from, to live and build upon! On Lunatics Island, people will have the ability to rent retail spaces either in the city, or on the beach for their own stores, bars, discos etc. The Team cant wait for everyone to experience Lunatics Island, in Exodus: Our Universe!

Incredible 3D artwork paired with staking, airdrops and other use cases, our line of 2000 NFT’s on BSC are as impressive as they are collectable!

LunaticsDiamond Rare
Light WhalesPlatinum Common
Moon ExplorerBronze Rare
New WorldsGolden Epic
THE CORE TEAMThe project is now community owned and operated
Phase 1
Private Sale
Website Development
Social Media set up: Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Telegram
Twitter Luna Classic Raids
Fair Launch Presale
Influencers - Duncan Gray
Audit completed by ContractChecker
Phase 2
Launch on Binance Smart Chain
Listed on CMC
2,000 NFTS with unique traits and characteristics (development has commenced)
Lunatics Staking
Multi National Telegram Communities
Asia Marketing
Trust Wallet Logo
Phase 3
Lbank CEX Listing
NFT Staking
Partner with NFT Market Place
Staking V2
LuniSpace Social Media Platform
Terra Classic Validator
Launch NFTs on BSC
Everswap listing
Lunishop Merch Store
Phase 4
Launch on Ethereum
New Partnerships
Launch Lottery Dapp in Development
10,000 holders
Website V2
Global Marketing Campaigns
Staking Lunat on ETH
Phase 5
Luniswap dex bsc/eth
15,000 holders
Launch ETH NFT Collection
New Exchange Listings
Lunatic Community Voting Dapp
Referral system
Global Staking Platform
Phase 6
Lunatics Wallet
Metaverse Events
Development of NFT Play 2 Earn & Burn Game
20,000 holders
Tier 1 Exchange Listing
Certik audit
Phase 7
Crypto Banking System
Lending / Borrowing
Lunatic Debit / Credit Cards
Fiat on-ramp
25,000 holders
Phase 8
50,000 holders
Multiple Tier 1 Exchanges
Coin Market Cap
Coin Gecko
Dex Screener
Frequently Asked Questions
Lunatics Token Validator

What is a validator?

A validator on the Terra Network is different from validators on other networks such as ETH, SOL, etc. The Terra Core is powered by the Tendermint consensus. Validators run full nodes, participate in consensus by broadcasting votes, commit new blocks to the blockchain, and participate in governance of the blockchain. Validators are able to cast votes on behalf of their delegators. A validator's voting power is weighted according to their total stake.

Why was the first staking round closed?

First round of staking was a huge success, but also would not be sustainable for the entire life of the project.

How is staking Lunatics Token is different from staking on Terra Station?

Staking your Lunatics tokens offers the investor rewards in both Luna Classic, which people have come to love, as well as Lunatics Token. Staking (or delegating as it’s referred to) on Terra with a validator, requires the use of Luna Classic and rewards users with LUNC rewards. Staking (delegating) there also gives the validator the user chooses, a bigger “voice” in voting.
Buy and Hold

On what exchanges can Lunatics Token be purchased?

You can Buy Lunatics Token on Coin Inn Exchange and LBank Exchange

What are benefits on holding Lunatics on a CEX?

Benefits of holding Lunatics on a CEX are:1. You can use limit order to buy at your price2. You can swing trade3. Day trade easily

What are benefits holding your Trust/MetaMask wallet?

Benefits of holding in your wallet are:1. You get double rewards2. You can stake3. Enjoy staking NFTs4. Easy swap

Does Lunatics Token have any planned tax changes?

No tax changes are planned at the moment.

What is the Wormhole?

The Wormhole allows traders to move their token assets between multiple blockchain networks without issue.

Why we pay rewards in LUNC Wormhole instead of native LUNC?

Because we launched on BSC network, our rewards goes through BSC network too, so the rewards payment will be in BEP20 LUNC (Wormhole)
Lunatics Token

How to buy Lunatics?

First you need deposit ETH or BNB into your wallet, second you need Lunat contract BSC address : 0x2A48eCe377b87ce941406657B9278b4459595E06; ETH address: 0xE8438c23157De97BDe8BEdD2eeaBc8e7e44De18a; to add at pancakeswap, uniswap or any other Dex, set slippage at 10% for transaction be approved, after whole process you able to swap, don't forget left some ETH or BNB for gas fees.

How to receive rewards?

Hold at least 500k lunat at any supported network

How to see my rewards?

Add the Lunc contract (for BSC rewards) or WBTC contract (for ETH rewards) at your wallet to be able to see them.
Lunc BSC contract: 0x156ab3346823B651294766e23e6Cf87254d68962
WBTC ETH contract: 0x2260FAC5E5542a773Aa44fBCfeDf7C193bc2C599

Why do I receive direct messages from unknown person to claim airdrop or free giveaways?

First of all team never DM first, second who DM you 100% scammers trying to get access from your account, take care don't fall into there free things than you can lose your whole investment.
Lunatics is a hyper-deflationary Multi-chain token. Contact us by email: [email protected]